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Villarrica, Chile

Nevados de Sollipulli

     For us, there's no better way to showcase a majestic landscape than placing a beautiful human into it. And what could paint a better portrait than an amazing scenery? 

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This trip took us to the southern volcanoes of Chile. Together with our awesome model, Brisa Morandi, we hiked los Nevados de Sollipulli to do some epic portrait photography.

     This is the end of may, up a volcano in southern Chile. It was cold, and Brisa was brave.

Sadly we didn't make it to the top.. We lost precious time on our way, by the time we got halfway up all hell broke loose, the wind started howling, and a snow storm began.

Yet here we were, at the line where the Araucarias

ended, and so we decided to make the most out of it.

After a few exhilarating minutes twirling in the snow and wind, we made our way back down into the forest, and found this beautiful little clearing close to the path.

Peaceful, quiet and with this massive old fallen tree.

Crowning the trip with these little known falls, Salto Bellavista.

Behind the Scenes and Extras

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