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Back to the Past

1950s picture of Charles and Irene Custer

      We digitized and restored those images, and are planning to retrace their trip, and discover the connection between the places they photographed and today's world.

        With this page we hope to find some of the places, and maybe some of the people? Help us reach the people that may know, share this with your friends and family, travel back to the 50's with us! 


If you recognize something or someone in these pictures, contact us! Each photo is numbered.

Have a look at the articles below, that extend on the story!

      A few years ago in northern California, in the barn-library of our dear friends, we found a kodak box full of photos taken in the 50s. They were medium format negatives from an old agfa camera, taken by Charles and Irene Custer, our friend's father and mother. 

      In 1950-51, they set off on a working honeymoon as travelling photographers. They toured the midwest and old route 66 and photographed people in coffee shops, barbers and stores. 

Charles and the old Agfa

Charles Custer and his Agfa camera
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